Twas the Night After Thanksgiving (Part 2)

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A new day has come!
Sunlight, it abounds!
And so he then rises
And heads into town.

After food down his gullet
And shopping galore,
He’ll unpack the replacements
And finish his chore.


“I found a new penguin!”
He squealed like a twat,
“With a fourth Doctor scarf
And cute Santa hat!”

Finally, his nemesis,
The prickly tree
That year after year
Would make his hands bleed.

But this year’s was different!
He used foresight for once!
He was tired of not learning
From mistakes like a dunce.

He pruned back the branches
When the leaves were still green.
And now, de-fanged,
It wasn’t nearly as mean.


The lights all wired!
The bird’s nest was done!
Time to head inside,
And configure the fun!


And so his task finished,
He’d gotten his wish.
For it now be Christmas,
All up in this bitch.

“Ho merry ho-mas!
Am I sayin’ it right?”
You can now stop reading,
Cuz I’m done (for tonight).


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